This time of year, you’re probably up to your eyeballs in landscaping chores. The sunshine and warm temperatures are making things grow and grow and GROW. Some years, it feels like the lawn needs to be mowed every day.

One thing to keep in mind is that there is no substitute for mowing regularly and at just the right height. Some like to let their grass grow as long as possible before tackling the mowing chore. However, overgrown grass can be a breeding ground for pests like rodents, snakes, and insects. Other people like to cut their grass as short as possible to avoid having to mow it very frequently. However, if you want a lawn with a healthy look to it, this is probably a bad idea. The reason for this is that when the grass is cut very short, it encourages root growth to be very shallow, which leads to brown patches and death after just a few days without water.

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What Every Home Buyer In Texas Should Know

Are you buying a home in Smith County, Gregg County, or one of the surrounding areas? Then there is some important information you should know - from the perspective of a home inspector.

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